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I originally came to xxx tube sites to watch male mast videos out of curiosity. Unfortunately 99% of the videos fell into one of two camps: 1) Super zoomed-in jerking where the person was absolutely silent, leaving me wondering if the person was even enjoying it. Or 2) Those that 'ham it up' for the camera for 10 mins straight and don't even get off at the end. That was over a decade ago. There's a bit more variety now but it's still very similar. I dunno if everyone just does it differently than I do, or maybe they're shy on tape. I've got 20 years worth of my own clips so I've decided to upload many of them over time. I never intended to show anyone any of these clips so I didn't frame things properly to cut off my face. So I apologize for the face blurring -- I do a lot of...

  • Name: JockstrapVoyeur
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